Songs of death and suicide

My mind has picked up a new little trick recently, to enhance the ways in which it shits on me.

I get tunes, or snippets of melody, stuck in my head easily, and frequently. Some are identifiable, where I can work out what triggered it. Others are just little repetitive ditties which won’t shift.

Now my head has started setting these ohrwurm to words about wanting to die, or the lyrics of existing songs get rewritten and twisted.

For example, Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, has changed into

Don’t stop me now
I’m having a shit time
Not having a ball
Please kill me now
If I want to die just let me die now, let me die

With other snippets such as “I wanna make a human starfish shape out of me…”

Even the annoying Animal Crossing Pocket Camp tunes have fucking words about wanting to, needing to, intending to die. Anything which gets stuck in my head will have lyrics added to it if none exist, or be re-written if they do.

This is one in the former category. See if you can guess what tune it is:

I would like to die right now
I would like to die now
I would like to die right now
So please just fu-u-cking kill me

All indicators point to “I should just die really.”



It was the Archer’s theme tune. Btw.